What to Do in Lombok: a Guide to Have an Amazing Vacation

A neighbor of Bali Island, Lombok recently has become one of the most favorite destinations for tourists all over the world. To get there, you only need around 2 hours riding boat from Bali. Lombok is amazingly surrounded by a lot of islets that most of them are popular for the diving and snorkeling sites. If you are looking for something different from Bali but still have the unique and aesthetic vista, then come to Lombok for a great vacation. It is a place where you can experience the new adventures in natural view. Lombok has gained a lot of attention from both of local tourists and foreign tourists. You can explore the natural and undeveloped environment of this island. This place is like a treasure and you should not miss it when visiting Indonesia. What to do in Lombok is the thing that you have to list before visiting it. Actually, this place is popular for its snorkeling and diving activities which can refresh your mind and the beaches that can relax your muscles under the sun shine. With shiny white sand on the beaches and clear water, Lombok becomes the most favorite place for tourists who prefer quieter atmosphere than Bali.

Mostly, people think about the three Gili Islands when they hear about Lombok. In fact, Lombok itself has rich of the attractions and natural view.

  • Do surfing in its beautiful beaches. Do you want to go surfing in a good place without having crowded by many people? Then, Lombok is the right choice. There is a great beach to go surfing; it is Kuta beach where you can find numerous spot points like Mawon or Mawi. For secluded experience, then come to Gerupuk where you can catch the waves after the boat take you to the ocean. If you are a beginner, then you can go to SelongBalanak. The wave there is really suitable for you.
  • Climb the rock at Krypton Beach. What to do in Lombok with friends? Come to Krypton Beach. This beach is still undiscovered by many people so you can come there without having crowded with others. It is very satisfying to spoil your eyes with the unique shape of the rocks –even some of them looked like a pyramid in the sea. Also, you will find natural aquarium above the cliff where you will see colorful and beautiful coral reefs with small fishes. The extensive coral stones and reefs can be climbed if you want to look a perfect spot more. Just be careful with it.

Come to Lombok and you will find so much adventurous spot in it. If you are ready to explore the island which is less mainstream destination, then Lombok is a must destination to visit. List the things what to do in Lombok with family or friends there. You can start from the beaches, mountains, forest, and many other attractions. There are many things in this island that wait for you to explore it more.

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